SK-224 Manual Type Engine Oil/Grease


SK-224 Manual Type Engine Oil/Grease

Operation instructions:

When move the operation rod , the plunger ( iron core ) will be moved simultaneously so as to make cylinder become under negative pressure . Then , due to closed air pressure of the plank , the grease will get into the cylinder from the suction port . Now , operate the operating rod to extrude out the grease through pipe in the cylinder by principle of the plunger pushing open the specific pressure of 100kg/cm2, down pressure valve will start to eturn the grease to the oil tank . The operation rod is to use of a spring to link on the injector as a round storage tank to prevent from oil leaking.


  1. Manual type pump . Use of single pipe , so no need of pipe return device . With simple piping for best effect.
  2. Has smooth stickness to the lubricating surface with proper oiling capacity , so no surplus oil will be leaked out to stain with the surface of bench.
  3. No need to worry about the dirts & impurities entered into the oiling port , so it is more clean than other ways of lubrication.


ModelOilOutletCapacityOutput PressureGrease DistrubutorMaxA mmB mmC mm
SK-224-T03Grease2cc / stork300cc100kg / cm2SD6029015070
SK-224-T04400cc100kg / cm2SD6031020590
SK-224-T08800cc100kg / cm2SD6031020590