MSK-10FW Pressure Relief Grease Pump


MSK-10FW Pressure Relief Grease Pump

Function & Features:

  1. The gear is controled by motor, stable pump oil outlet, no noisy, strong pressure.
  2. The interval time and running time are controled by PLC.
  3. Setting pressure sensoring system could be an option to detect the tube convey pressure whether achieve required standard or not.
  4. Choosing 00#.0#.1# grease to ensure highly lubrication and economy efficiency.
  5. The presure overload adjusting valve can protect motor and ensure the oil tube in normal.
  6. Always fill oil through oil hole to avoid bad lubricant effects due to non-vacuum status.


ModelFlowValtagePowerOil tank capacityMax output pressure
MSK-101FW200cc/ min110V60W700cc50kg / cm2