TM Resistant-Type Pump


TM Resistant-type Lubricant Pump

Function & Features:

  1. May issue the instruction or by the pump computer hypothesis intermittence and the lubrication time by PLC.
  2. The pump picks the high-speed operation, the pressure current capacity stable, can be effective transports the oil to each lubricant point.
  3. Is equipped with the oil level to examine the knowledge, can at the right moment detect the oil mass and the unusual warning.
  4. The pump is equipped with the pressure setting and the installment.



Model Outlet Valtage Float switch Pressure release unit Pressure applied Release time Running time
TM-301F 0.3/0.36 L/ min 110V O X 1-15 kgf/cm2 PLC PLC
TM-302F 220V O X
TM-301CF 110V O X 1-99 min 1-99 min
TM-302CF 220V O X

3L~12LOutside Specification:

Model AxB (mm) L W H Tank Capacity
T-3L 200×95 180 130 150 3.10L
T-4L 240×110 210 130 150 4.09L
T-6L 320×110 280 145 150 6.09L
T-8L 340×110 300 180 150 8.10L
T-10L 370×110 320 180 150 10.10L
T-12L 390×110 350 230 150 12.07L