TM-2 Pressure Relief Pump


TM Pressure-relief Lubricant Pump

Function & Features:

  1. May issue the instruction or by the pump computer hypothesis intermittence and the lubrication time by PLC.
  2. The pump picks the high-speed operation, the pressure current capacity stable, can be effective transports the oil to each lubricant point.
  3. Is equipped with the oil level to examine knows and the pressure picks out, can at the right moment detect the oil mass and the unusual warning.
  4. The pump is the high pressure, escapes presses the type, the coordinate quota volume type divider, can effective achieve fixed time, the constant pressure, the quota lubrication effect.
  5. Suits various types lubrication and oil quality of the higher viscosity.
  6. Overcomes large-scale radio station many scotomas.


2L Outside Specification:

ModelAxB (mm)LWHTank Capacity
T-2L124 / 145172.51182432L

3L、4L Outside Specification:

ModelAxB (mm)LWHTank Capacity
T-3L204 / 951861322463L
T-4L240 / 1102201382584L

6L、8L、10L Outside Specification:

ModelAxB (mm)LWHTank Capacity
T-6L320 / 1102981562696L
T-8L340 / 1103201892618L
T-10L370 / 11032018926110L