MKU Pressure Relief Pump


MKU Pressure-relief Lubricant Pump

Function & Features:

  1. Pressure output is designed with adjustable output structure to meet the demand of various machines and available to couple with relative pressure adjustment.
  2. Designed with oil level detector to detect the oil capacity stored in the tank and response well at appropriate time to succeed for connection movement step.
  3. Instant knob to have deviced with in-time demand button and lets machine, while at initial start, have the deserved oil capacity for smooth operation to reduce unnecessary friction.
  4. Absorbs oil from the deepest part and makes use of principle of Pascal to increase greatly the oil output power as well as to remove the shortcoming of gap between oil tubes.
  5. Designed with oil pressure detector (3~10kg/cm2), featured as follows to detect for the loss below:
    (1) Broken oil tube: detecting if insufficient pressure inside the tube.
    (2) Blockaded oil network: detecting if any blockaded on oil inlet for the sake of turbid oil condition.
    (3) Poor motor: detecting if the motor had poor running,
    (4) Insufficient oil pressure: detecting if the output power is insufficient for old used part to result in insufficient pressure condition.
    (5) No oil in the tank: Detecting and alarm output if the oil level than the safe level.


2LOutside Specification:

ModelAxB (mm)LWHTank Capacity

4L-12L Outside Specification:

ModelAxB (mm)LWHTank Capacity