HBL Positive Displacement Injector System Distributor

Function & Features:

  1. The divider spits the output to pick the quota type, may depend on the lubricant size hypothesis oil mass.
  2. Puts out pressure stable 5 kg/cm2.
  3. The use oil quality is widespread.
  4. Not because of pipeline length, height, resistance size, but affects supplies the oil, and produces flows backwards the situation.



Vomiting number1234567
Outlet( c.c. )0.1, 0.2 , 0.3 , 0.4 , 0.5
Minimum performance pressure(kg/cm2)5
B size( mm )2339~4351~5866~7381~8896~103111~118
A size( mm )3550658585115130


  1. Fig.1 Pump pressurizes supply the oil , and from main pipe to deliver the oil to all of the distributors. When oil pressure is rising, open the passage of umbrella check-valve by compression , then the oil flows into initially.
  2. Fig.2 Pump’s pressure keeps the oil rising up to force the piston spring move backward and all volume continues to flow into oil storage tank. lmultanevusly , the oil storage will gather untill it is completed.
  3. Fig.3 Pump stops to run and instant pressure-reller results in rapid pressure descending from main pipe to force the spring insude oil valve to blockade he return access port and therefore output the oil stored inside the oil tank.